How the Licensed Mold Remediation Houston Can Help You

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Removing mold in a home is often a much bigger project than most homeowners realize.  While it may seem easy to get rid of the mold that you can see, it can be a whole different story when it comes to the mold you can’t see.  Mold can live in or behind walls, underneath your flooring, in your carpets, countertops and air circulation systems.  Central forced air and air conditioning systems are common locations for mold to form, thanks to the high humidity that is found in these systems.

In order to survive, mold needs moisture, oxygen, a source of food and a surface to attach itself to.  This makes your home an easy target for an infestation.  If you have noticed mold in your home or suspect that you have a problem, a licensed mold remediation Houston can help.

Get Help from Licensed Mold remediation Houston Expert

Some types of mold can cause health problems, including strong allergy symptoms, breathing troubles and headaches.  Removing these molds stirs up the spores, causing them to be dispersed throughout the air, which can be extremely dangerous to homeowners.  Mold professionals recommend taking advantage of professional mold cleanup and removal if you have a problem.

Mold may be found in areas where water damage has occurred, either due to flooding or a small leak in a pipe.  While many people think they only have a small area of mold to remove, a professional inspection typically finds many more areas that are infected.  To keep the problem from spreading even further, let an expert properly remove the mold and treat the area to kill any remaining spores.  Once the areas has been completely treated and dried, the home can be inspected again to ensure that the problem doesn’t occur again.  Repairs to leaky pipes and faucets and fixes to small cracks in the foundation of your home can help prevent mold from forming.   In more humid areas of the US, it can also be helpful to install dehumidifiers in your central air system or as standalone units throughout the home.  These can be commonly found at your local HVAC service center or home improvement retailer.

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